Condo Fazenda Cardoso

Condo Fazenda Cardoso

Location: Ilha de Itaparica – BA
Date: 2011
Size: 33,500 sqm, 80 townhouses

The concept for this development was to create two green squares for residents to meet. The condo houses are grouped around these squares: townhouses with common area on the ground floor, 3 bedrooms on the 1st floor and a master suite with balcony on the mezzanine.

Each house has a private garden at the back where an ecological path runs around the entire complex. This path connects the leisure part of the beach with the kiosks and sports courts, a party room at the condo entrance, creating a lot of leisure options.

Role: Urban planning and architectural project

Author: Andreas Schulze

Team: Danilo Quito
Carlos Macieira
Paula Saldaña
Aline Porto Lira
Gisele de Andrade Henrique
Sandra Santos