Fiat Motor Company – Centro Estilo

Fiat Motor Company – Centro Estilo

Location: Betim – MG
Date: 2008
Size: 109 sqm

At Fiat’s plant in Betim, a cooperative environment was installed for the presentation and virtual development of the new Fiat models. The environment was designed in two zones for the different types of presentations: Face-to-face meetings, group videoconferences, press presentation and development sessions.

To ensure perfect visibility at all locations, different floor levels were created. An acoustic wall lining was installed horizontally to provide visual continuity in the room, the translucent acoustic ceiling has the same functions. Above the meeting table, a central luminaire was created that makes a reference to the then-new Fiat symbol. It has indirect light, direct light and directed light and thus provides lighting for the various usage scenarios.

Role: Interior Design, Furnishing and Construction

Author: Andreas Schulze

Team: Alexandre Schultz
Nádia Machado Santos
Diego Solano
Aline Porto Lira
Vinicius Gonçalves
Mariana Brasil
Carolina Gabrieli
Fagner Vianna
Carlos Macieira

Engineer: EPA Engenharia

Contractor: Andresch Arquitetura