Molini Residence – Apartment Building

Molini Residence – Apartment Building

Location: Salvador – BA
Date: 2012
Size: 48,550 sqm, 344 flats

The residential building for a middle class target group is situated on 3 lots of approximately 9,000 sqm of very irregular geometry.

A single tower of 36 storeys was designed on top of a base, 6 storeys of garages with openings and cut-outs for vegetation, light and ventilation, taking advantage of the great unevenness of the terrain site. All social areas for living and leisure were installed on top of this base and on the first 2 floors below, connected to the courts and trails in the green area of the rest of the land.

The floor plan of the tower was designed in the shape of a parabola and has balconies all around, thus allowing, from a certain height, a view of the sea from all the flats. Only the northern facade is more closed to avoid too much sun exposure. It has only a central opening to the entrance halls installed every three floors as a common space for residents to meet. The standard floor has 10 units per floor, with flats ranging from 2 rooms of 69 sqm to 3 rooms of 82 sqm. Duplex and penthouse flats of a higher standard with 120 sqm to 140 sqm. Large terraces can be found on the upper floors.

An additional design with two towers has also been commissioned to realize the development in stages.

Role: Architectural Design

Author: Andreas Schulze

Team: Carlos Eduardo Macieira
Danilo Quito
Eduardo Cunha Rodrigues
Gisele Andrade Henrique
Magdalene Schoers
Sandra Santos Sousa