Residence H&L

Residence H&L

Location: Busca Vida, Camaçari – BA
Date: 2008
Size: 1,200 sqm

The modern residence was located on the highest point of a 5,000 sqm sloping plot. The main block is relatively closed with its facades facing the street and public space, the openings are mainly sight windows. The facade with the sea view is open with large windows and a double height glass panel in the main living room and dining room.

A sculptural steel staircase with wooden steps leads to the upper floor. This floor accommodates 4 suites with bath and dressing rooms. This project is a transformation of the initial project by architect Naia Alban. The main block has been completely redesigned. The second block was demolished and transformed into a terrace with pergola to gain sea view and ventilation of the main block. The technical area on the roof was clad with ACM aluminium composite panels in the free shape of a “Zeppelin”.

Role: Architectural Design and Construction

Author: Andreas Schulze

Team: Daniel Paz
Fagner Vianna
Nádia Machado Santos
Denilson Carvalho Borges
Alexandre Schultz
Marco Antonio Freitas

Engineer: Juarez Engenharia

Contractors: Lafen Engenharia
Guisner Suarez