Andresch Arquitetura was founded in 2004 by German architect Andreas Schulze, graduated in 1994 from the Faculty of Architecture in Cologne - Germany, working until the year 2000 in this country and since then in Brazil from Salvador - Bahia.


We are engaged in the most varied fields of work: architectural projects, interior design, urban design and restoration. We are skilled in a wide range of projects including residences, housing and condos, hotels, offices and cooperative buildings, restaurants, shops, furniture and lighting, among others. Our team consists of experienced architects, designers, drafters and administrators. We have a complete modern infrastructure including the use of BIM, a qualified team and competent partners enabling our office to meet the most varied demands of our clients.

Design Approach

Our design practice is based on an integral vision of architecture. The creation process aims to integrate in harmony all the levels to the living environment such as aesthetics, easy and intuitive use, technical, commercial and socio-cultural aspects. Each project is as unique to each person and each situation. It is our ambition to develop for each task an adequate and individual solution instead of using ready-made answers, thus creating unique spaces with character and identification.


Our strength is to create integrative design ideas for complex tasks; perfectly matching the given situation to the demands, needs and expectations of our clients, users and the public. Another expertise is the elaboration of every single building detail for a perfect execution. Within this process we integrate all engineers early on, working out intelligent and sustainable concepts.


We accompany our projects in their entirety, from the first ideas and sketches to the full completion of the construction. An emphasis is given on the study of various design alternatives, thus evaluating all the potentials of a given environment for the project and develop in an intense design process a comprehensive solution. We also supervise construction with on-site inspections down to the smallest detail to ensure the build quality and guarantee the correct implementation of our projects. In selected cases we execute the construction work, furniture or objects on our behalf with our partners.



Andreas Schulze
Carlos Macieira
Joabe Caldas
Ed Santana
Joerg Pfeifer
Fagner Vianna
Ananda Amaral

Trainees / Drafters
Gabriella Santiago

Sandra Santos Sousa


Former Team members since 2001

Isabel Prata
Bruno Ribeiro
Daniela Viana
Jan Kaiser
Rafaela Alonso
Magdalene Schoers
Laís Prata
Danilo Quito
Alexandre Schultz
Thomas Kraack
Ícaro Macedo
Paula Saldaña
Stephan Sperl
Aline Porto Lira
Marco Antonio Freitas
Bettina Lessnig
Marcus de Moraes
Marylia Cabane

Trainees / Drafters
Cendi Coelho
Marcus Lühning
Eduardo Cunha
Gisele de Andrade
Camila Fonseca
Naiata Cristina
Vinicius Gonçalves
Patrícia de Almeida
Daniel Paz
Denilson Carvalho Borges
Jurema Moreira Cavalcanti
Mariana Brasil
Carolina Gabrieli
Diego Solano
Juliana P. Santos
Osvaldir Rodrigues
Ramalho Na Maba
Mauro Torreão

Marie Schultz
Nádia Machado Santos
Genilson de Jesus Farias
Andréa dos Santos Souza

Main Clients
Our experience ranges from private and public sectors, as well as clients in various countries and languages.
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